Tuesday 8 November 2011

ARC 2012

Yippee. ARC 2012 is firmly in the diary and fully crewed. I am so pleased that the team have all accepted and even expressed some enthusiasm for the ordeal. Its still a full twelve months until we leave in November 2012 but already Andrew has prepared his best ragut for a tasting session. Andrew is the most important man on board as he will be in charge of catering. We will all take it in turn for cooking duties but Andrew will be responsible for provisioning and ensuring that we have 21 days supply of delicious fresh food. I think the prospect of this huge responsibility pushed Fatty over the edge and she decided that British Airways would provide a less stressful experience - i suspect she's right.  The cracking news is that the ARCettes have also started planning the joyous reunion in St Lucia and i have witnessed animated discussions about villas and pools and mud baths - well, maybe not mud baths.