About Hera

Catana 50, Hera of London


  1. Dear Paul, I know your Boat from the Ipswich web side. Because the people from this company bought the SSB aeriel stuff for your oyster by me.
    It looks nice, is´n it ? I hope more Oyster follow with this installation, there is a second one Oyster56 SY-Mariela with my standoffs and waterproof backstay Clamp..
    See you in las Palmas, we arrived at the 10. November .

    best regards Joerg

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  3. Hey Paul,

    Great reading your updates and look forward to following you on the ARC. I need to ask... What made you settle on the Oyster 575?

    I'm currently in that overwhelming and confusing space of boat selection for a ARC/Circumnavigation. I've always been looking at the Amel 55 / 64, but you seem pretty happy with your Oyster...same as a number of other people. Any thoughts?


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