Friday 29 September 2017

A Change of Plan

With great regret we have decided that we will not to cross the Atlantic this year. Due to the storm damage in the Caribbean some of the islands now have no infrastructure, no facilities and in fact I believe that some islands will be unable to accommodate yachts for several years while they rebuild. So we have postponed our entry on the ARC until next year – on a Catamaran.  Yes that’s right, a catamaran.

Ever since we sailed to the South Pacific in 2015, we have been planning our return.  We loved the huge horizons, the friendly people, the tranquil waters and the peaceful way of life.  I feel that it is one of the few remaining wildernesses on our planet and at the current rate of globalisation it may be overrun within a generation. So we are going back.

Our plan is to sail to Polynesia and leave our boat in Tahiti. During the gloomy English winters we aim to use Tahiti as a base to explore French Polynesia and its many islands. Most are deserted and all are beautiful. We may then move further west towards Tonga and Fiji, spending a few years to properly explore the Pacific. During the European summers we will base ourselves in Europe, leaving our boat in Tahiti. After that who knows?

Our beautiful Oyster is the best boat we could possibly have chosen to be our luxury home for crossing oceans and carrying us all safely and in great comfort to some amazing places. However she is too special to be left unattended in remote locations in the tropics for months at a time. So with a heavy heart we have decided to sell Juno and buy a catamaran.   

Juno will shortly be handed to Oyster Brokerage to sell, but in the meantime she is offered for private sale, in beautiful condition, maintained with no expense spared and available immediately.  A detailed specification is available on the About Juno page of this blog.  Juno is berthed in Palma, Mallorca and she is straining at her lines ready to set sail at a moments notice.

If you know anyone who might be interested in a first generation Oyster 575 then please email me at paul.frew@gmail .com, make the introduction and claim your finders fee when the sale completes.


  1. Wow,exciting times ahead. another adventure awaits you. Mixed emotions I'm sure.

  2. That is a very sad day as Gill and I read your post! Sounds exciting and will be worth the wait, I'm sure.
    Would be lovely to see you both. Please come and see us in Devon?
    Big love to you both xxxx

  3. Paul, has the saga continued? We would hate to be missing out on the sequel!