Monday 9 December 2019

Guest blog written by Rosie

Classified Advert - AirSeaAndSea November 2019

Hera, a small deluxe short or medium let exquisitely furnished boutique Hotel, conveniently located near the ocean. All rooms have sea views. This ultra modern hotel comprises three double rooms with snug en suite facilities, a very comfortable kitchen, diner with lounge and office fit together well in the centre of the property.

There is a spacious rear deck area with permanent awning and eating area
and a separate sizeable sun deck at the front of the hotel with a very
funky trampoline come sun terrace.
Heras' pool is out of use much of the time except in extremely calm
weather, (this restriction currently enables guests to claim a 15pc per
day rental reduction should the pool be out of bounds during your stay).
The hotel has a limited alcohol license from the council which means only
one can of local beer per guest per day is allotted whilst staying
Food available on Hera is of an extremely high standard and majors around
sustainable local produce and fish.
Given the space available and the additional terms (see annex below) it is
suggested the entire property is taken by a single party subject to
vetting by the hotel owner who lives on site.
Hera offers fantastic space in an unenviable location with countless
opportunities to admire the sea and sea wildlife. There are a number of
daily morning and evening slots to enhance your fishing skills if you so
wish, (there is a small additional daily charge for these lessons, but you
will get to eat your fresh catch that evening). Yoga classes take place
each morning and a walking map with colour coded itineraries for daily
perambulation is available on request.
Additional hotel terms:
One paying guest must carry out all catering tasks required each day,
there are no domestic staff available on site
A fifth guest can be catered for as necessary at sole discretion of the
owner, photographs of the fifth guest must be supplied in advance as part
of the vetting process.
Guests will be asked to help man the front desk for considerable periods
to aid the owner if required
Hera has no ability to cater for less than able bodies nor able minded
guests (the owners views on guest suitability or otherwise is final).
Given Heras uniqueness guests may only block book in periods of two to
three weeks in between November and May, the arrival and departure dates
and airports will be agreed with the owner and may well be subject to
change at short notice
Water for washing is locally and sustainably sourced but may at times be
limited. The owner will inform the guests should any restrictions be in
Given limited storage space in the concierge quarters please arrive with
only foldable luggage.
Absolutely no high heeled shoes are allowed in the hotel given the
beautiful teak flooring, there are no allowances made to this small house
rule and any damages will be added to your bill at checkout.
Given Heras proximity to the sea please bring adequate supplies of
stugeron, some may be obtained from the hotel shop located at sea level.
There is small stock of branded Hera apparel (turquoise colour way only)
available, please ask at reception.
The hotel provides all bed linen and towels, there is a limited laundry
service from Stevies cleaning, prices on application
Arrivals, you may be asked to bring items to aid the periodic repair and
upgrade of the hotel, these will be mailed to you, please do not forget to
bring them.

Guest feedback
Nettie T of Milland
I have stayed both on Hera and at the owners previous hotel, I much prefer
Hera as the property has far fewer stairs, I have now nearly recovered
from the incident in 2011. I do recommend staying here particularly as it
enables me to see my husband Andy P who is responsible for catering and
Sazzle R of Rogate
I stayed at Hera in September of 2019 and thoroughly enjoyed myself, the
recent upgrades to the bed side fans are very welcome and having an
additional room means my husband can sleep next door without disturbing me.
PeaNut F of Chale
I have stayed on Hera for a number of months in 2018-19 and do recommend
others commune here too. The hotel owner will at times ask guests to help
repair or clean some of the common parts but after 30 years I have
gradually got used to him.

Hera Currently has some openings in the spring of 2020 and summer of 2021
Stg250 per day per guest
Payment methods
To Swiss account In CHF only Payable to Frew & Frew Enterprises No PayPal
nor cheques accepted


  1. Now that's my kinda hotel!
    Disappointingly no mention of driving range facilities, which may put off some potential guests....

  2. Terrific review! Cancelling all existing holidays & on our way! xoxox